This deodorant creme is an aluminum free, effective solution against odor. I struggled for years to find a low waste deodorant that didn't irritate my sensitive skin, so I created this one and my skin has never been happier. This deodorant is designed to prevent odor, not to prevent sweating, but the absorption power of arrowroot powder helps to keep your pits feeling fresh. The original lavender formula is suitable for all skin types, including my very sensitive skin, but if you prefer to avoid essential oils, select "unscented" for an essential oil free creme.


To use: apply a pea sized amount to fingers and rub directly onto armpit. For very sensitive skin, do not apply directly after shaving. Re-apply as needed. 


Please recycle or re-use the glass jar your deodorant comes in! The jars can be upcycled to hold spices, travel toiletries, small jewelry, plant propagation, candles etc.

Deodorant Creme

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