This restorative serum is a blend of 3 antioxidant rich oils-  Rosehip Seed, Jojoba, and Sunflower. Vibrant calendula from my farm is slowly infused into the silky oils to bring sunny radiance and healing thanks to calendula's ability to aid in increased skin cell turnover and reduce inflammation.

This serum comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle with dropper top, or a 2 oz. glass bottle with pump top.


This serum is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and provides a subtle, healthy glow with long lasting moisture. Precious organic Bulgarian rose essential oil brings the most delicious scent of rose, creating a serum with a warm, gently floral scent that delights without lingering on delicate facial skin.

If you prefer an unscented serum, with a pleasantly warm, nutty scent of the calendula and oils, choose "unscented" at checkout.


To use: apply a dime sized amount of serum onto palm of hands, and gently massage onto face and neck. Absorbs and moisturizes best when applied directly after cleansing, while skin is still damp. For best results and the softest skin, apply a.m. and p.m.

This serum provides moisture on its own, but works beautifully under a face cream/balm/and sunscreen as well. 

Can also be used as an oil cleanser by massaging a few drops onto dry skin, then gently removing oil with a warm, wrung out washcloth. 


Oil profiles:


-Rosehip Seed oil is cold pressed, leaving&nb